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Peace Summit promotes peace by uniting the grassroots efforts to support the educational, emotional needs and recreational desires of the children in the community.

About Us

The Peace Summit is a concept that was developed by Ms. Kathleen Harmon. Ms. Harmon being an accomplished professional - having been a nurse and social worker in her lifetime is too familiar with the ills of violence. In 2005, Ms. Harmon lost her granddaughter, Chaleta Robertson to violence. Her granddaughter left behind three boys. As Ms. Harmon graciously began to play her part in parenting her great grandchildren, she became intimate with the true impact that violence has on our children. This Personal experience is from which the idea of the Peace Coalition was spun.

Queen Mother Dr. Harmon

Founder - The Change Maker


How We're Making a Difference

Peace Conference

Fundraiser for how we would bring peace to our cities and communities.

Careers & Voters Rights

Get educated on the policies impacting our futures as leaders.

Gala Celebration Fundraiser

Fundraiser to raise money for the Youth in the juvenile system.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Please mark your calendars for our upcoming event - The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Freedom March this year on January 13th, 2024.

All details have been placed on the flyer adjacent to this text. We hope to see you there and welcome all who would like to participate in this peaceful and historical tribute to a cause still... worth pursuing. Rest in Peace Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and may the Dream forever continue forward towards its intended mark... "Let Freedom Ring."

Unlimited Potential

The Change Makers


How You Can Help

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Justice For All

Every day, our rights are to be upheld and education is a must.

Commit To A Cause

Please, join us won't you and sign up to help further a cause of your choice.

Queen Mother Kathleen Harmon on Racial Healing Day.




We would like to take this moment and thank everyone for your kindness and support in keeping our communities strong and productive. Below, we have attached a link for use in donations up to $10k.

Our Pledge Back

San Diego Peace Coalition Inc. strives to ensure that every donation given, whether that be monetary and/or directly tied to serving in any of our events, that all forms are both appreciated and applied appropriately to their designated tasks.

Giving Has Never Been Easier

We ask you to consider that, every day we all make financial choices that further the abilities of those respected organizations and providers to continue advancing and developing. With this in mind, we ask that you make a donation of any amount towards helping to ensure programs like ours continue the work of moving our communities forward into positive and productively higher levels.

Connect & Follow Along

Together, we can still advance our positive impact by staying informed, connected and aware of our opportunities.

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